Zhejiang Tiande Pump Co., Ltd is certified to be Postdoctoral Workstation of Zhejiang Province, China

Postdoctoral Work Office of Zhejiang Province (Government Sector) issued the certification of "Postdoctoral Workstation of Zhejiang Province" to TIande Pump this month. According to documents: Letter from Zhejiang People's Social Security Bureau [2014] No.99 and Postdoctoral Work Office of Zhejiang Province [2008] No.1. The government sector certified that Zhejiang Tiande Pump Co., Ltd is a Postdoctoral Workstation of Zhejiang Province.


The certification is well know for awarding only to high-tech companies. The certification represents that Zhejiang Province Goverment treats Tiande Pump as one of the most Technology Leading companies of Zhejiang. The certification also represents support and anticipation in Tiande Pump's R&D breakthrough in API 610 OH-6 High-speed Centrifugal Pump from the government. 


Tiande Pump will keep on fighting. Introducing top domestic scientific and technological talents into the staff and become the leader of high-speed pump technology in the world.

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