Warm congratulations on the successful first commissioning of GSB-Q6 high-speed pump

On December 1, 2015, headed by Chief Engineer Han Anda, our project R&D team went to Shenyang Pump Institute Pump Products Inspection Laboratory to test GSB-Q6-23/1780 prototype. Commissioning with water showed that the flow, lift, vibration, cavitation performance and other parameters were all perfectly in line with the design expectations and the working efficiency increased by 5% than the design desired value, achieving complete success. This pump project was approved in January 2015 and was jointly developed by Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute independently. The whole process from design to promotion was completed in less than one year. The successful development of this pump not only filled of the blank of50m³ 2000m hydrogenation pump in China, enriched our product coverage, but also renewed the R&D cycle record of large high-speed pump products, more sufficiently reflected our R&D personnel’s technology authority in the high-speed pump field, and greatly encouraged All Tiande employees to meet challenges.